Why work for Nodis?

Freedom works best

Flexibility works best in both ways. We give trust and expect responsibility in return. We will provide opportunities and challenges for everyone’s personal ambition with attention to a healthy work-life balance. We work as a group but treat each as an individual. Feel welcome to our start-up atmosphere where people always come first.

Meet the challenge

At Nodis we are open-minded and always ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. It is our goal to support you to excel in your job, bring added value for the customer and be an ambassador for our company.

Proud of our vision

We share a genuine belief that technology will be an important element in overcoming some of the important challenges our society faces. Together with our customers and technology partners we want to be a piece of the puzzle to achieve a more sustainable future. Join us on our journey and make a difference.

Having fun is essential

Our philosophy is simple – Nodis employees give the best of themselves everyday so they deserve to be treated well. Regular fun activities are therefore an important element of our culture. We promise we’ll keep the atmosphere vibrant and rewarding at all times.

Join our team

We are continuously looking for people that fit our culture and have the right skills.

If you like what we do and what we stand for, then check if you match with one of the profiles that we seek:


Send us an email with your CV. We will contact you soon.